Friday, March 16, 2012

Fairy Gardens,Frolics, and No More Farts (For Now)

If you are here from Pinterest, Welcome! I am a humor blog writer, mostly writing about the shenanigans that go on in my household, but sometimes I show my crafty side. Hence the Fairy Garden.
Stick around! You came for a Fairy Garden, but you can leave with a smile. 

I wrote a post about all of the fart talk that goes on in my household. It is still going on, but I am not going to write about it (not for today at least)

Fridays are my day off, time I spend with my five year old when she is not in Pre-School, I am not at work, the older ones are in school, and M is usually at work.  I wanted to to something fun with her! Creative, Crafty, Neat, Girly, all of the above!

Now I do not, nor will I ever have a Green Thumb! It is just not in me. I have tried, believe me I have tried. In my old house, I would get little gardening jolts, run off to Home Depot,and come home with a flat of ground cover, flowers, or green stuff with pretty colors.

I have absolutely ZERO knowledge or understanding of soil, seasons, or seeds!

My house now, thanks to my husband, has a more tropical landscape going on. Palm Trees, Palm Trees, Palm Trees.  He has the Green Thumb. We compost our trash, he knows all of the scientific names for the trees, and the more everything grows, the more we feel as though we are surrounded by a lush, green paradise.

So back to creative time with Ki! While I do love our Hawaiian themed yard, I do love the whole cottage, flower look as well. But I know our garden will never look like that.After a few pictures I saw online, and some inspiration from my cousins adorable house in San Diego, where she created a little Unicorn Garden in one of the tree stumps in her yard, I thought of a plan.

~A Fairy Garden~

My husband told me I could use some of his precious compost, his precious wine barrel (that was set to hold a new palm tree probably) , and his precious advice!
I will use the compost
I will use the wine barrel
I can do this on my own buddy, thank you very much!!

So I waited for him to leave, went to Lowe's, went to the craft store, picked through some supplies we are already had on hand. Pulled out my IMAGINATION, and we were ready.

I used a dolly, I shoveled, I scooped out compost, I was J.R. the Gardener!
With my little sidekick, Ki!
It was calming, therapeutic, and honestly just plain FUN!

Here is what we created
-The Beginning-
I shoveled all that dirt
I deserve a Golden Shovel Award


Work in Progress. 

Fairy Garden Final Product

The blue rocks were left over from an old fish tank.
The little bridge was from one of her Littlest Pet Shop toys.
The sitting fairy, and blue mushroom came with houseplants my hubby picked up at a garage sale.
The sun had broken off of a sensor nightlight we had in her room.
The mini tiles leading up to the bridge, were from a tile sample kit. My husband picked that up for me at a garage sale, because I had wanted to try mosaic tiling.
The silver star wands were left over from a princess party for my daughter.
The house, moss,white gate and tiny wheelbarrow next to house were from the craft store. Ki painted it all by herself. 
The little white birds by the mushroom. Those I hot glued to wire, wrapped the wire around a popsicle stick, stuck it in the soil. then bent the wires to make them look like they were flying. 
Plants from Lowe's Home Improvement store.
Blue glass candle holder had a broken base. I turned it upside down, then put another broken candle base on top of it.I will add a citronella candle there at night.
Baby tears ground cover back near fairy house. I just transplanted some of that from our front yard.
IMAGINATION supplied by Ki and myself!

Whimsical, Fun & Easy.
We check on it everyday, and add new things to it.
I just cleaned her room last week, and found a mini little chair, and an old teeny, tiny Tinkerbell figurine from an ornament. Those have been added as well. 
Ki sprinkles glitter over it every once in a while. 

In the midst of the Palm Trees, Fish Pond, and Plumerias we have our own little dreamy village.
A good book, a lounge chair, a wading pool and some sunshine. My backyard can take me away from all of the stress that my life can sometimes bring. 

*not to be cheesy, or lovey dovey. But I want to say 'thank you' to my husband. Thank you for creating the peaceful, tropical oasis that I have grown to love. It is a work in progress, but the work has been done solely by you! - well, and by C, on chore days!
Thank you also for letting our Fairies have a little corner of the Palm Tree Village. 
Also, aren't you proud of me? 
Nothing has died in the Fairy Garden..... YET.... Still Green... Still Living!


  1. That is awesome! I love it! And I love your blog. :) I came over from Because Nobody Likes Monday.. AND.. I'm now following you! Making me your 25th follower and if you follow me back you'll be my 25th! Haha.. :D
    Warning - I drop the F bomb A LOT! C'mon over! :)
    Now.. Onto your post about farts! I too have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl - 28-18. I know these farts you speak of!

    1. Thank you! It was a great time making that.

      Thank you for following, and I think I was a bit late, but I am now your 26th follower ;)

      F-Bombs- I can handle. I drop a few myself, but I am finding myself really liking to say the S-H- word a lot more lately.Maybe it is a phase. ha ha

  2. How cute! I only have a crappy artistic talents.

    1. I always tell my kids when they get frustrated at a project, craft, or their artwork.

      "In art, there are NO mistakes!! Everything can be fixed, or just created differently than how you started."

      Truth is, the fairy garden was SUPER EASY, but makes me look SUPER Crafty! It's an illusion tactic of mine. ;)

      Thank you, to be serious, it really was fun to do with my daughter.


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